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Podcast Of The Week: AR vs. VR: Dueling Realities In The Metaverse Arena With Nokia’s Head Of Innovation Leslie Shannon


AR vs. VR: Dueling Realities in the Metaverse Arena with Nokia’s Head of Innovation Leslie Shannon

Meet Leslie Shannon, Nokia’s Head of Trend and Innovation Scouting, a Silicon Valley futurist exploring tech disruptions in 5G, robotics, drones, visual analytics, cloud gaming, and the Metaverse. Join her in this episode as she unveils her vision, Nokia’s role in building a secure and immersive future, and lots more.

On The Menu:

  • Metaverse Purpose: Bridging Digital and Physical Realities for Accessible Interactions.
  • Emphasizing Presence: Leslie Shannon’s Insights on the Crucial Metaverse Aspect.
  • AR vs. VR: Practicality and Immersion in the Metaverse Experience.
  • Metaverse Continuum: Merging Digital and Physical Worlds for Hands-free Assistance.
  • Privacy and Data Concerns: Ensuring Responsible Metaverse Development.
  • The Future of Metaverse: Augmented Reality Glasses and AI
  • Enhancing User Experiences – Nokia’s Role in Building Secure and Efficient Infrastructure.