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Are You Looking To Stretch Your Advertising Dollar? Here’s What You Should Know

For the next 4 days (November 14 – November 18) we are offering two paid ads for the price of one. This includes any paid ad posted on our classifieds (local, all cities or banner).

After posting a paid ad you will receive a Promo Code to the email address you used to post your ad with. If you are logged into your account while posting your ad, the Promo Code will be in your account.

Then post a new ad and enter the Promo Code. Your new ad will be automatically promoted with the same features as your paid ad.

There’s no limit how many paid ads you can post during the sale. For each paid ad posted you will receive a unique Promo Code. All Promo Codes must be redeemed before the end of the sale.

Note: 1. Use local or all cities Promo Codes for local or all cities ads only and banner Promo Codes for banner ads only. 2. While using your Promo Codes you do not need to check (or uncheck) any paid options.