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EPISODE 146: Quantum Leam: OVH Cloud’s Fanny Bouton Unveils The Impact Of Cloud Computing On Industries

Quantum Leap: OVH Cloud’s Fanny Bouton Unveils the Impact of Cloud Computing on Industries

Fanny Bouton, an analyst, journalist, and tech expert for over 20 years, currently serves as the OVHcloud Startup Program Leader & Quantum Lead. She played vital roles in the digital transformation of major corporations and supported startups, aiming to bolster the French scientific and technological ecosystem.

On The Menu:

  • Focus on Tech Ecosystem: Involvement in quantum and startups.
  • Quantum and Innovation: A favorite for its world-changing potential.
  • Role as Startup Program Leader: Aiding startups with infrastructure and mentorship.
  • Exciting Startup Ideas: Diverse projects in food tech, and health tech.
  • Quantum Computing Impact: Accelerates tasks, and revolutionizes industries.
  • Quantum Podcasts: Aim to simplify and humanize complex topics.

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