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9 Twitter Tips From The Donald For Better Responses And Visibility

Whether you love him or hate him, you follow him. The Donald has figured out how to market himself, his calling, and his message on Twitter. Every mogul, guru, and marketing rep on the internet has succumbed to “The Donald Twit Fever” and those who haven’t are burning with desire.

A few weeks back I met a good friend at Glen Eyrie Castle for Tea, and we discussed her high-powered attempt to take down The Donald. She remained anti-Trump to the end, and it really got her no-where. Her infamous position may be envied by the few, and her name may be recognized as the one at the head of the Take-Down. But she failed. Totally and completely failed.

Sure, she still has her high and mighty moral standing, but from the looks of the events surrounding the intake, cabinet appointments, and celebratory meltdowns in Washington, she won’t be on the high and mighty path for long, because Trump is storming the gates with a Twitter War. And he’s winning.

So how can you benefit from a Trump style Twitter War?

1 – Tweet what you really think. Hold nothing back. Let the world see you in your underwear – transparency matters.

2 – Tweet your schedule. Be busy. People love energetic, busy people who keep moving no matter what the world throws at them. Upload your energy.

3 – Don’t be afraid of controversy. The more controversial your tweets, the better they’re loved. You want plenty of tweet-love. Grab it with controversy.

4 – Hashtag your Twitter posts with relevance. Be relevant. Hashtag that. Make sure what you’re tweeting matters to people RIGHT NOW. Tweet that. Hashtag it.

5 – The shorter the tweet the better. Say what you want to say and shut up. Until you tweet again, two and a half seconds later. Tweet short. Tweet often.

6 – Brand your Twitter handle. The Donald is REAL. He says it in his handle. Everyone knows he’s real. He tells them. His handle is REAL too.

7 – Don’t fail your peeps. Seriously TWEET them. Keep them interested by tweeting short, fast, and a lot.

8 – Consistent tweets matter. Of course, all tweets matter, but consistent tweets matter the most of all. Don’t let their interest in your fail. Tweet often.

9 – Tweet FUN and Business. Don’t be all about the job, nobody wants to talk around the cooler 24/7. Play some too.

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