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How to build self-confidence

In the workplace, low self-confidence often results in lower wages, less productivity and few risks.

Books with the words “self-confidence” in their titles fill retail and home bookshelves. Yet, many individuals still lack basic confidence essential for work, play and relationships. A 2017 NBC News report indicated: “On the world stage, Americans tend to get labeled as confident, cocky and entitled — but that’s an over-generalization that only applies to a fraction of professionals.”

In the workplace, low self-confidence often results in lower wages, less productivity and few risks. At home and in social and recreational settings, a low view of oneself can affect intimacy, community involvement, interactions with one’s own children and more.

Entrepreneur magazine in February offered tips to help boost and maintain a positive spirit, no matter how depleted the self-confidence tank:

Practice visualization; individuals gain confidence from setting goals and then imagining themselves achieving them.
‒ Affirm regularly with constructive statements: “For example, if you hate your own physical appearance, practice saying something that you appreciate or like about yourself when you next look in the mirror.
‒ Step out of your comfort zone and face fears. Overcoming nominal fears, such as speaking to strangers in a coffee shop, can lead to bolder moves, like asking for a promotion at work.
‒ Help others. Volunteer, mentor, assist, teach or be hospitable to take the focus off of specific weaknesses and insecurities. Offering assistance and kindness is almost always met with gratitude, which naturally boosts confidence.
‒ Set small goals that are achievable. After a series of small-goal successes, more difficult tasks, plans and expectations are not as formidable.

Forbes’ “10 Ways to Build Confidence” added that exercise is beneficial not only for physical health, but mental health as well. Combining an interest — biking, kayaking, dog walking, etc. — is a way to enrich life and “recharge to be your best self,” asserted the publication.