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20+ traits of successful people

What is required to achieve a desired apex, professionally and personally?

A bevy of books have been written on the subject of success. A sampling includes: “You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life,” “Think and Grow Rich” and “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

What is required to achieve a desired apex, professionally and personally? last December weighed in on 10 character traits necessary to achieve goals:
1. Highly organized
2. Able to plan and set priorities
3. Willing to act
4. Attentive to personal hygiene and appearance
5. Cultivates a positive attitude
6. Networks often
7. Knows how to be frugal and manage money
8. Rises early
9. Focuses on philanthropy
10. Reads often to glean advice, learn, expand interests, etc. offered: “Some of the best habits of successful people involve only conscious effort, like getting up early every day. Others, such as becoming organized, may take a little more skill and practice but ultimately result in the most desired outcome of all – success.”

In April,’s tips for developing habits that may lead to success include:
1. Practice self-encouragement and self-motivation. Role play in front of a mirror, or with a trusted friend or colleague.
2. Keep a journal to convey ideas, stresses, milestones. Commonly, leaders of countries keep daily diaries/journals.
3. Meditate to clear the mind and enhance concentration.
4. Manage emotions; seek professional counseling if necessary.
5. Learn clear and effective communication skills.
6. Practice self-control; avoid destructive temptations.
7. Establish productive routines.
8. Seek regular solitude in order to “reflect” and to “replenish” energy.
9. Be persistent and learn to persevere.
10. Establish a conscientious, responsible work ethic. added that establishing a life vision, embracing change, capitalizing on strengths and being willing to take risks are also key elements to realizing aspirations: “You’d be hard pressed to find a successful person who hasn’t taken some amount of risk in their career.”