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7 Quarantine Playlists to Soothe Your Corona Blues

The YES! Editorial team has been working in overdrive to churn out the coronavirus coverage you all need right now. From mutual aid efforts to tips on staying social while social distancing, we want to keep inspiring and informing you. However, I’ll admit, the constant barrage of coronavirus news can take its toll on one’s emotional and mental states—not to mention the heaviness that comes with socially distancing from our families and loved ones.

In Seattle, I’ve been self-quarantining for about four weeks now, and it’s been a challenge to fill my downtime with activities that feel nourishing. But a constant, calming companion through all of this has been music. I’ve been losing myself in songs that take me far away from the news, songs that evoke lightheartedness that rise above pandemic panic and fear, and songs that overcome me with feelings of nostalgia for my teens and early 20s.

It turns out music isn’t just my balm during this time of uncertainty, but also that of my colleagues.

To provide comfort and relief to our readers, the YES! Editorial team is sharing some of the playlists that have been getting us through these challenging, weird times.

We hope you enjoy—and maybe even dance like everybody’s watching!

Rona Remedy

“I love music, any kind of music. I love music, just as long as it’s groovin.” The O’Jays said it first, but it’s also true for me. My playlist is a range of genres and tempos that is my remedy to navigate this incredibly ill time. – Zenobia Jeffries Warfield, YES! Executive Editor

Lockdown Weekend

Over a weekend where my emotions went from anxiety to anger, the lyrics of these songs spoke to me, the rhythms got me moving, and music urged me to a higher ground. -Valerie Scholredt, YES! Books Editor

Kicking the Corona Blues

My playlist is mostly feel-good pop songs that make me want to get up and dance. -Ayu Sutriasa, YES! Digital Editor.

Vibes During Corona

These are songs that make me feel something. I believe we should experience the range of emotions humans are capable of in order to feel alive. -Iman Mohamed, YES! Digital Intern

Ma-ma-ma-my Corona (Playlist)

As I ride the emotional waves of this pandemic, I’ve been craving a mix of feel-good songs and songs that let me feel all the feels. –Breanna Draxler, YES! Climate editor

Songs to Sing in a Pandemic

Under quarantine, shower karaoke can happen anywhere! These are songs to help you feel, move, and breathe as we all face an uncertain future. –Sunnivie Brydum, YES! Editorial Director

Vibe to This

Music that I’ve been discovering and rediscovering with no particular theme or order. –Enkhbayar Munkh-Erdene, YES! Associate Art Director

Ayu Sutriasa is the digital editor for YES!
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