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Forbes 30 Under 30 Interview Series

We interviewed some of the Forbes 30 under 30 who are building the most sought-after businesses in Media, Marketing, SaaS, and Finance.

These conversations are a goldmine of resources and trends that will shape B2B and B2C businesses in the coming years. So if you’re seeking an unfair advantage, look no further.

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Trevor Sookraj

Trevor Sookraj is the Founder of  Divisional – a marketer-first agency that addresses the problem of loss of equity for early stage startups when hiring an in-house marketer by providing them a full growth team of Divisional employees at a fraction of the conventional cost. His outsourcing approach has helped numerous Seed and Series-A B2B SaaS startups, with revenue growing 240% this year to $1.5 million. Tune in to know more about this 24-year-old marketer’s success story and his tips on New Age Marketing.

Pierre Lipton

Pierre Lipton co-founded 1440 Media in 2017 in order to produce a free, ad-supported daily email newsletter that uses fact-based reporting and primary research to provide an overview of the day’s events that Americans – from all political perspectives – can agree on. With more than a million subscribers, 1440 anticipates making more than $7 million in revenue this year and has received funding of $2.5 million from a variety of sources, including Cannon Capital. Tune in to the latest edition of Marketer of the Month to learn how this brilliant entrepreneur is transforming the world – one unbiased, fact-backed, data-based newsletter at a time.

Dan Pantelo

Marpipe, founded by 26-year-old Dan Pantelo, whose parents immigrated from Soviet Ukraine, aims to optimize creative campaigns through big data analysis. Investors like Stage 2, Ripple, and Laconia Capital Group have backed the software platform, most recently in an $8 million Series A funding round in September. Tune in to know more about how this creative young marketer is building revolutionizing tools with a visionary team of marketing and engineering experts to digitally automate the process of selling.

Chantal Rapport

Chantal Rapport began working for Upstart in 2017 and was appointed CMO in early 2021. She now manages over 100 employees and an $87.1 million marketing budget. She oversaw marketing for the company’s December 2020 IPO, transformed the acquisition strategy using Upstart’s own AI and machine learning expertise, and helped increase Q2 2021 revenue to $194 million – up 1,018% year over year. Tune in to listen to what this astute young marketer has to say about what the future holds for tech, finance and marketing.