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Here Is A Powerful Example Of Marketing Business Plans

The first example of marketing business plans is the email marketing strategy. Companies pay people to find them lists of email addresses and they send out emails describing their products and services to the people on these lists. Sometimes you get on these lists when you sign up for an account online and agree to receive mailings from the store you are signing up with and their partners or affiliates.

Another example of marketing business plans are the catalogs that companies have printed that showcase all of the merchandise they have in their stores and the prices of the merchandise. This particular style of marketing has been used for many years and is very effective. Since technology has given us the internet and internet shopping abilities some stores have their catalogs online rather than actually doing paper printings but the concept is the same.

Another example of marketing business plans is when a company hires employees to call people at their homes and alert them to the products and services that their company has to sell. This method has been used for several years and in some areas is actually an effective means of marketing.

Another example of marketing business plans is for a company to print flyers or brochures and circulate them throughout a city or town. Sometimes these flyers and brochures are sent out as a part of a direct mailing program and sometimes the company will hire people to hand these flyers out to people in malls, stores, and at local events.

Another example of marketing business plans is when the company purchases a space to place a kiosk in a mall for the sole purposes of promoting their company or the products that their company sells and services.

Another example of marketing business plans is when a company places a direct sales force out in the community whose job it is to get the message out about the company and the things they have to offer.

Another example of marketing business plans is for a company to rent air time on local radio and television stations. The company will then have the information regarding their company spoken by the radio personality or will film a clip so that people can view them during the station breaks of a television program.

Another example of marketing business plans is when a company takes out an ad in a newspaper, magazine, or on a billboard in their community. Many times at the youth athletic fields companies will donate money to the athletic divisions for the right to hang a sign up advertising their business around the field where the sport is played. Then all of the parents who come to watch their children play the sport will see the advertisement and know that this company supported the athletic organization their child was involved in.

Another example will be the advertisements that companies place on the social media sites. These advertisements are highly visible by many different people and they draw a lot of traffic to the web pages of the company.

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