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What Role Should Business Gifts Play In A Marketing Campaign?

Business gifts have come a long way over the past couple of decades. Gone are the days when corporate gifts were only rolled out at Christmas and restricted to cork backed coasters and plastic rulers. The market is more sophisticated both in terms of what can be supplied but also in the expectations of purchasers. But what can business gifts do to improve the success of a marketing campaign? Well there are three fundamental things to consider when choosing a promotional gift; your company, your promotional campaign, and your target audience.

1) Your Company

Any marketing campaign must be appropriate to your company, reflecting what it stands for and projecting its values. For example, don’t choose confectionery if you are a health food company – this is an obvious example but reflects many common mistakes that companies can make. Business gifts have gone beyond putting your logo on a generic gift item; it should be an item that reflects the message of your brand.

2) Your Promotional Campaign

Marketing campaigns come in all shapes and sizes, but they should all have specific goals and targets in mind. Your choice of business gifts must be aligned with these goals and targets and be designed to help the campaign succeed in reaching them. Consider whether they will assist and enhance your campaign and how they can be used to best effect.

3) Target Audience

Profile your target audience and make sure you understand what drives them and pushes their buttons. Your choice of gifts must be appropriate and desirable. Longevity and visibility is the key, so choose something that will stay with recipients for some time and will be something they will use often to get your brand maximum exposure. Also consider whether a personal gift or a workplace gift would be more appropriate.

If you can align these three things; company, campaign, and customer, and provide a strong, positive brand image, then your promotion stands the best chance of achieving success.

Alan writes articles on issues surrounding the business gifts industry.

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