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21 Favorite Guizable Stories Of 2021

1. What’s This Hashtag Thing All About?

2. So You Want To Be A Social Media Star

3. Why Some Of The Best-Known Tunes, Like ‘Happy Birthday,’ Are The Hardest To Sing

4. The Colors Of Poop

5. A Trend That Began Before The Pandemic The ‘Great Resignation’ – And Bosses Need To Get Used To It

6. Since The Rise Of Social Media And Smartphones – Are People Lying More?

7. Is AI Hijacking Art History

8. Media And Information Experts Explain – What Is The Metaverse?

9. The (Un)Impressive Life Of Fake Instagram Influencers

10. Misogyny And White Supremacy Slip Through ‘Enforcement Gap’ On TikTok

11. 20 Years After The First Stellar Tourist Space Tourism Is Here – Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Plans To Send Civilians To Space

12. What A Massive Flare Seen On The Closest Star To The Solar System Means For Chances Of Alien Neighbors

13. Social Media Turns Online Arguments Between Teens Into Real-World Violence

14. Inside The Coming Voice-Profiling Revolution – Shhhh, They’re Listening

15. A Cryptocurrency Expert Explains NFTs – How Nonfungible Tokens Work And Where They Get Their Value

16. Instead Of A Place Where You Can Lose Your Life Savings In A New York Minute – Robinhood App Makes Wall Street Feel Like A Game To Win

17. Going To The Bathroom In Space – How Do Astronauts Go?

18. Spending Millions On What’s Essentially A Link To A JPEG File – Why Would Anyone Buy Crypto Art

19. Here’s What I learned About Big Ben And Online Information Overload When I Went Down The ‘Rabbit Hole’ To Debunk Misinformation

20. Gaming, Is It Good For Kids?

21. Changing What It Means To Be Human – AI Is Killing Choice And Chance