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Top Celebrity Websites Hacked – Does A Public Figure’s Website Need Extra Security?

Most public figures have started to tweet and blog in order to keep their fan base or followers up to date with their day to day life and with their beliefs about everyday happenings. But the most important thing that we must note is that public figures, celebrities, actors and other artistes have the least security for their website and social media presence. This means that they are the favorite tool to spread rumors and misinformation through. This article deals with the need for extra security for the website of a public figure, famous personality or celebrity.

Soft Target

Celebrity websites are a soft target for hackers and publicity seeking geeks. The celebrity has a ready fan base who will immediately be tapped for the attention. The ultimate aim for hackers and script kiddies is to become infamous through negative publicity. The simplest way to do that is to attack websites with the least security and which have been made in a haphazard manner. Compared to the website of a Government or Military, a celebrity, singer, artiste, sculptor, writer will have a less sophisticated website. They will definitely not have as many checks and balances to ensure security and integrity of the data on the website. A simple breach can lead to a huge amount of misinformation or negative publicity being floated around.

Exclusive Announcements

The back-end of a celebrity website is usually buzzing with new announcements of the personal or professional life of the celebrity. This means that sensitive information like the announcement of a new product launch or new movie launch or even personally sensitive or private information like the birth of a child or marriage or a relationship is ripe material for paparazzi and snooping fans who want the latest inside information of a celebrities life.

Personal Information

Recently, actor Charlie Sheen made an announcement on live TV that he was HIV positive. The lives of public figures are becoming more transparent and even more open, with the advent of technology and the internet. This means that there are lesser secrets that a public figure can keep and even more information that they must share with their fan base. Any information or misrepresentation on their website can lead to panic and even chaos amongst their fans and followers. Religious leaders and ideologues require to be more careful and correct with the information they disseminate through online channels, since their online advice is as good as black and white and can be used by future generations to come.

Confidential Business

Many celebrities and public figures who endorse brands and products may need to be extra careful when dealing with website security. This is mainly because whatever adverse publicity they get will also affect the brands that they endorse and support. Website defacement and information leak can severely impact celebrities and their business dealings with corporates and clients.

Social Impact

The public perception and social reach of a celeb website can also do damage to their ultimate brand value and equity if there is a compromise or defacement of their website. People want to see their idols and father figures as being blemishless and spotless but there is no fool proof way of ensuring integrity without upgrading security. Although security and convenience is inversely related, there is no shortcut to peace of mind.

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