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Fox News Host And Trump Nominee Goes Ape Sh*t And Screams At 9-Year Old Little Girl On Air

On Sunday, Fox News Host Pete Hegseth, who’s currently under consideration for a cabinet position in Donald Trump‘s administration overseeing the Veterans Affairs Department, started screaming at a 9-year-old girl wishing for an end to gun violence.

Ever since the tragic events of Valentine’s Day, in which a young terrorist with an AR-15 assault rifle murdered 17 of their peers and faculty in cold blood, the teens of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland, Florida have led the fight for gun control reform, recently organizing the million-plus “March For Our Lives” protests which took place around the globe.

However, NRA-loyal Republicans like Hegseth have grown increasingly frustrated and belligerent toward these kids for daring to challenge their beloved sociopathic capitalist gun peddlers.

During an early morning Fox and Friends segment, Hegseth started out by seemingly praising the millions of young people who took to the streets on Saturday to protest gun violence. However, his praise quickly turned venomous:

“I feel for these kids from Parkland High School, they have a right to speak out, and they should,” Hegseth began, then went straight downhill from there.

Hegseth then launched into a bitter, hate-fueled rant, arguing that children have no right to speak out or lecture adults about the Second Amendment. Hegseth’s unbalanced demented vitriol seemed to even take his co-hosts by surprise.

“But forgive me if I don’t want a lesson on the Second Amendment from a 16 year-old,” Hegseth continued, voice rising quickly. “Forgive me if I don’t want to watch a 9-year-old tell me that her dream is a world without guns. My world, I want a world without Islamists, I wish that was true, too.”

“The reality is, the Second Amendment is not about hunting, it’s not about self-defense only, it’s about free people and checks on a tyrannical government,” Hegseth said. “They shouldn’t be giving me lessons on the Second Amendment, they should be in civics class.”

The fact that a person like this is under consideration by Trump for any cabinet position says everything you need to know about the troll occupying the White House.

Hegseth and other NRA sycophants like Trump, can rail and rage against these kids all they want. All they’re doing is making the blue wave bigger in November until it lays waste to their tenuous hold on Washington and spells the beginning of the end of the Trump administration.

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