An Expert On Political Violence Reflects On Events At The Capitol – ‘Once You Engage In Political Violence, It Becomes Easier To Do It Again’

Ore Koren is a scholar of civil conflict and political violence. Before the November 2020 election, he wrote a story for The Conversation about the likelihood of election-related violence in the U.S. So we went back to him on Wednesday, while what some are calling an insurrection unfolded at the […]

US Evangelicals Had Their ‘24-Karat-Gold’ Man In The White House In Mike Pence. Loyalty May Tarnish That Legacy

Mike Pence has remained one of the only constants in the often chaotic Trump administration. Variously described as “vanilla,” “steady” and loyal to the point of being “sycophantic,” he is, in the words of one profile, an “everyman’s man with Midwest humility and approachability,” and in another, a “61-year-old, soft-spoken, […]