If They Ask Participants How Others In Their Community May Vote, Election Polls Would Be More Accurate

Most public opinion polls correctly predicted the winning candidate in the 2020 U.S. presidential election – but on average, they overestimated the margin by which Democrat Joe Biden would beat Republican incumbent Donald Trump. Our research into polling methods has found that pollsters’ predictions can be more accurate if they […]

The 2020 Election – Trump’s Pennsylvania Lawsuits Invoke Bush V. Gore, But The Supreme Court Probably Won’t Decide The Election

The Trump campaign has filed two lawsuits in federal court over ballot counting and voting deadlines in Pennsylvania, threatening to take the election to the Supreme Court. Both consciously echo the two main legal theories of Bush v. Gore, the infamous Supreme Court case that decided the contested 2000 presidential […]

For Election Pollsters An Embarrassing Failure

Election polling is facing yet another reckoning following its uneven-at-best performance in this year’s voting. Although the outcome in the 2020 presidential race remained uncertain the next day, it was evident that polls collectively faltered, overall, in providing Americans with clear indications as to how the election would turn out. […]

During The Election And Its Aftermath – How To Spot Misinformation

In the runup to the U.S. presidential election there has been an unprecedented amount of misinformation about the voting process and mail-in ballots. It’s almost certain that misinformation and disinformation will increase, including, importantly, in the aftermath of the election. Misinformation is incorrect or misleading information, and disinformation is misinformation […]